Community Grants

Over the last 26 years, GLOBE has provided financial support to LGBTI individuals, groups, small businesses and organisations in Melbourne and has donated over $80,000 to worthwhile causes through our GLOBE Community Grants program.

We’re offering 3 types of grants in 2018!

2018 GLOBE Community Grants

If you have a great project that will assist LGBTI individuals, groups or organisations, but need a little help to get it all going, why not apply for a GLOBE Community Grant? For individual grants, you can apply for any amount up to $2,000.

2018 GLOBE Scholarship

If you’re an LGBTI students or early career professional, GLOBE’s 2018 Scholarship is waiting for your application! The Scholarship amount is $1,500, which is to support educational activities or help develop careers, such as to fund a course or attendance at a conference.

2018 GLOBE Small Business Grants

GLOBE has two very generous Small Business Grants of $4,000 to award. These grants are only open to current GLOBE Small Business owners. What would $4,000 mean to your small business? How would you use it to develop, expand and promote your business?

Application Conditions

  • Applications close at 11:59pm on Sunday, 20 May 2018.
  • Recipients of the Grants and Scholarship are asked to provide a report of their activities by March 2019.