GLOBE Community Awards Nominations

Improving Health and Wellbeing for LGBTIQ Peoples

This category is open to any organisations or individuals who run health and wellbeing initiatives/programs to improve the health of LGBTIQ communities.

Preventing Social Isolation in LGBTIQ Communities

This category is open to all organisations, including corporates, community and social groups who run initiatives/programs to reduce social isolation and build connections within LGBTIQ communities.

Excellence in LGBTIQ Small Business and Enterprise

This category is open to LGBTIQ-owned small businesses operating in Victoria (with under 100 employees) for outstanding achievement in business. The aim of this category is to highlight the contribution that is made by LGBTIQ-owned small businesses to their community.

Outstanding Advocacy of the year

This category is open to any organisation who run advocacy and/or social change campaigns to shift attitudes, beliefs and behaviours; through systems, processes and programs.

Outstanding LGBTIQ Media Reporting

Awarded to individuals who have delivered an exceptional piece of media reporting that either celebrates LGBTIQ communities, or sheds light on current LGBTIQ issues.

LGBTIQ Artist of the year

Awarded to a Victorian LGBTIQ individuals or groups who celebrate ‘queerness’ through their artistic pursuits.

Ally of the year

Awarded to individuals who do not identify as LGBTIQ but have made an outstanding contribution to support and celebrate LGBTIQ communities.

John Marriot LGBTIQ Sportsperson of the Year

Awarded to LGBTIQ individuals who have excelled in their sporting pursuits both on and beyond the sporting arena, and/or who have driven LGBTIQ inclusion in sport and physical activity.

LGBTIQ Volunteer of the year

To recognise the work of a Victorian LGBTIQ individual who has shown outstanding commitment through volunteer work in our community.

LGBTIQ Person of the Year

Awarded to a LGBTIQ individuals who have led the way in driving inclusion, building capacity and connection between LGBTIQ and broader communities.

NEW AWARD for 2020

LGBTIQ Rural and Regional Champion

Awarded to LGBTIQ individuals who have visibility in working to support the LGBTIQ community in rural and or regional Victoria. One champion will be selected from the rural and regional areas of Victoria.

Key Dates

  • 19 October 2020: Finalists Announcement by Media Release

  • 4th December 2020: GLOBE Virtual Awards

‘Having my work recognised by being awarded LGBTI Person of the Year was deeply moving. I’d encourage everyone to take stock of the people in their world who are deserving of acknowledgment for their remarkable contribution to our community. Especially the unsung heroes and those who are under recognised.’

Community Awards Terms & Conditions


All entries into the GLOBE Community Awards agree to abide by the following Terms and Conditions:

  1. Entry is free and open to individuals, community groups, businesses or organisations.
  2. All entries must show benefit to the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex community.
  3. All entries must show benefit primarily to Victoria or show a strong benefit to Victoria’s LGBTI community. Nominees for individual awards must have been residing in Victoria for the past two years.
  4. All entries must address relevant guidelines and provide and supporting documentation.
  5. All submission remain the property of GLOBE and may be used in conjunction with promoting the awards and/or the winners.
  6. Sponsors are ineligible to nominate themselves for an award but are able to be nominated.
  7. Sitting state and federal politicians and current vice-regal officers (including Members of Parliament, Members of the Legislative Council, Mayors, Councillors) are not eligible for nomination.
  8. Retired politicians and vice-regal officers will be considered for work undertaken in addition to their official duties.
  9. The closing date and time is final. No extensions will be allowed.
  10. Judges will select finalists and a winner for each category.
  11. Judges’ decision is final.